Christmas/Boxing Day Haul


So thought I’d share some of the gifts I got over Christmas/Boxing Day, I got a lot of presents for Christmas but still couldn’t resist buying more in the Boxing Day Sales!

– The Experimenter

This contained 10 bath bombs (Frozen, Guardian of the Forest, Yoga bomb, Cyanide Pill, Sex Bomb, Avobath, Dragons Egg & My 3 Favourites Twilight, Intergalactic & The Experimenter)

– Lush Legends

This was a mix of everything, I won’t list it all but it had bath bombs, bubble bars, toothy tabs, various soaps, conditioner bars, shampoos, lotions, various scrubs, a massage bar, shower gels and a red fun

– Lush Life

Again this was like the Lush Legends it has a bit of everything but just not quite as much as the Lush Legends

– Christmas Candy Box

I absolutely love the scent of everything in this, it included a Snow Fairy Shower Gel, soap, Candy Mountain bubble bar and Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb (which I definitely recommend if you’ve never tried)

– Father Christmas Gift Box

This was a box of various Bath bombs including Father Christmas, Golden Wonder, Never mind the ballistics, Northern lights and Luxury Lush Pud

I also bought a few bath bombs separately ( Lord of Misrule, Autumn Leaf & Butterbear) and some Bubble Bars (The Comforter and Peeping Santa) and of course I couldn’t resist stocking up on the Snow Fairy items (this is my favourite scent at the moment)

I did miss out on a few things which I was quite gutted about, I really wanted the Mistletoe bath bomb, Twilight & Rose Jam Shower gel, Sleepy body lotion and the 12 Days of Christmas gift set but I guess I’ll have to buy some and stock up early next year!

I have banned myself from buying anything else until the Valentines range comes out as I have a lot to get me through until then so for now I will just enjoy my Christmas presents/purchases 🙂




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