Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

So I have really mixed views on this, it’s the Ocean salt face and body scrub (mine isn’t the self preserving)

It is a beautiful white and blue colour and is quite a rough texture, I personally think it smells like the sea (fresh sea salt) but others smell the lime and grapefruit in it

You can use this on damp or dry skin and you massage into the skin in circular motions

I personally find it very harsh on my skin and can actually hurt if massaged in for too long BUT it does leave my skin feeling amazing and soft so it is worth it

If you have sensitive skin I advise getting a sample and trying it first as I feel this isn’t for everyone as it can irritate the skin with how rough the texture is

I give this a 3.5 / 5 as it leaves my skin feeling so soft but it is a bit harsh for my liking


The Comforter Body Conditioner

imageSo a lot of people have been asking me about this so I thought I’d do a little post

As soon as I saw this pop up in the kitchen I wanted it so bad but the price was just too much, luckily for me it was gifted to me by my fiancé and I can’t express how happy I was to receive it!

The tub is 450g so the largest pot that Lush sell and I’ve got to admit this will last me ages as its so big, is it worth the money? Yes!

The colour isn’t the same as the usual comforter items it’s not bright pink which for me was a little disappointing but none of the kitchen body conditioners were its usual colour

I find with some body conditioners they can leave you feeling rather greasy afterwards but this one didn’t, I felt so silky and soft after and felt so perfectly moisturised

The smell wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be considering the other comforter items are so strong of blackcurrant so this item would be perfect for those who like the comforter but don’t like how strong and overpowering it can be

After I used it I could still smell it on my skin, I found it to be very subtle (maybe because I had a full on comforter shower so couldn’t smell much anymore) but my partner could smell it quite strong on me which is a good thing

Overall I give this product a 5/5 I love this product, it’s not too strong or too greasy and left my skin feeling amazing 😊


Intergalactic Bath Bomb

imageLet me start by saying this is probably the most beautiful bath bomb to ever exist!

From first look you can already tell that this bath bomb is going to be colourful but what happens when it hits the water is just magical! It fizzes away instantly and starts unleashing a beautiful multicoloured trail behind it, the deep blue fills the bath almost instantly and the sparkles take over! The bath water looks like the galaxy with the dark blue and glitter everywhere

For me personally the smell wasn’t the strongest infact it was barely noticeable once in the bath (maybe I was just unlucky) but once you have a sniff the smell of peppermint is a lot stronger than the grapefruit but it still smells gorgeous!

The one thing I like about bath bombs is when you can still smell the scent on your skin once you’re out of the bath but unfortunately I couldn’t smell any 😔

Overall I would rate this a 4/5, the colours are beautiful but the glitter was a nightmare to clean up after but it is definitely worth trying just to watch the magic of it unfolding



Lush Cocktails

I am always after some new ideas for Lush Cocktails to try out so I thought I’d share a few I’ve done and how they turned out ☺️

Pink Paradise



img_0034– Snow Fairy Shower Gel

– The Comforter Bubble Bar

– Pink Fun

This made a beautiful pink coloured bath, it had a lovely sweet scent but wasn’t the strongest smelling bath but definitely the most colourful and had a lot of bubbles!


Citrus Burst

– Brightside Bubble Barfullsizerender-1

– Sunnyside Bubble Bar

– Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream

– The Olive Branch Shower Gel

This concoction was the strongest scent of all of them, it was such a beautiful fruity Citrus/Orange. It didn’t make as much bubbles as I thought it would but turned the water an orange colour


Snow Fairy Extravaganza

– Snow Fairy Showeimg_2908r Gelimg_2911

– Candy Mountain
Bubble Bar

– Snow Fairy Fun

This was probably my favourite scent as I absolutely LOVE the snow fairy range! It turned the water a pink colour but this eventually faded. It created the most bubbles I have ever had in a bath and I only used a small amount of the bubble bar. This smell was BEAUTIFUL and if you are a fan of the Snow Fairy products I highly recommend. I finished off with the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and I could smell Snow Fairy for hours after!



Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 

So let me start by saying.. Why is this not available all year round! I absolutely love this product and I’m shocked that this and any of the snow fairy stuff haven’t been made available all year round!

This smells BEAUTIFUL, it has a sweet scent but not too sweet like the rest of the snow fairy range. It smells like candy floss and I could literally just eat it!

You apply it in the bath/shower (I usually do it just before I’m about to get out) and gently rinse off. I was a bit dubious about this because how can it work when you wash it off?! But I was so wrong, the smell on my skin was so strong and it was probably the most moisturised my skin has ever been!

What I loved about this product was how little I needed to use yet it was so moisturising and how strong the scent was on my skin for hours after

Overall I give this product a 5/5, it is probably my favourite body conditioner and I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it

Never Mind the Ballistics

So this is another bath bomb only available for Christmas and I am so gutted I didn’t stock up on more!

So I’ll start with the scent, it is orange and peach and gives off such a beautiful fruity smell it makes me want to eat it, it’s not too overpowering or sickly it is just the right amount of each fruit

I didn’t find it stuck to my skin much but the scent was strong enough that it lasted the whole way through the bath which to me was lovely

The bath bomb is dipped in cocoa butter so it was probably the most moisturing bath I’ve ever had, it can feel quite greasy on your skin when you are in the bath but once you are out it isn’t and it feels like you have just moisturised

I found the bath was left with a greasy yellow line but this was easily washed away

When placing it in the water I didn’t feel it did much at first just slowly fizzing but after a while it released stunning yellow and pink trails which were mesmerising to watch, it took quite a while to fully dissolve but I thought this bath bomb was at its best towards the end of it dissolving. It left the bath water a lovely shade of orange which suited the scent perfectly

Overall I would give this a 4.5/5, I loved the colours and the smell and how moisturising it was but I wished it stuck to my skin more


The Comforter Bubble Bar

This was the first bubble bar I used and I was not disappointed!

The smell is absolutely amazing, I’m a big fan of the sweet scents so of course I loved this! The scent is blackcurrant so very fruity, If you like the Snow Fairy range then you will definitely like this!

Depending on what you want to achieve will depend on how much you need to use, I personally only use small amounts and still get ALOT of bubbles but unfortunately the smell isn’t as strong so if you want a strong scent you would need to use more

What I love is the beautiful colour of pink it turns the bath water!

Overall I rate this a 4/5 if the smell was stronger the less you used I would have given it a 5!