Never Mind the Ballistics

So this is another bath bomb only available for Christmas and I am so gutted I didn’t stock up on more!

So I’ll start with the scent, it is orange and peach and gives off such a beautiful fruity smell it makes me want to eat it, it’s not too overpowering or sickly it is just the right amount of each fruit

I didn’t find it stuck to my skin much but the scent was strong enough that it lasted the whole way through the bath which to me was lovely

The bath bomb is dipped in cocoa butter so it was probably the most moisturing bath I’ve ever had, it can feel quite greasy on your skin when you are in the bath but once you are out it isn’t and it feels like you have just moisturised

I found the bath was left with a greasy yellow line but this was easily washed away

When placing it in the water I didn’t feel it did much at first just slowly fizzing but after a while it released stunning yellow and pink trails which were mesmerising to watch, it took quite a while to fully dissolve but I thought this bath bomb was at its best towards the end of it dissolving. It left the bath water a lovely shade of orange which suited the scent perfectly

Overall I would give this a 4.5/5, I loved the colours and the smell and how moisturising it was but I wished it stuck to my skin more



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