Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 

So let me start by saying.. Why is this not available all year round! I absolutely love this product and I’m shocked that this and any of the snow fairy stuff haven’t been made available all year round!

This smells BEAUTIFUL, it has a sweet scent but not too sweet like the rest of the snow fairy range. It smells like candy floss and I could literally just eat it!

You apply it in the bath/shower (I usually do it just before I’m about to get out) and gently rinse off. I was a bit dubious about this because how can it work when you wash it off?! But I was so wrong, the smell on my skin was so strong and it was probably the most moisturised my skin has ever been!

What I loved about this product was how little I needed to use yet it was so moisturising and how strong the scent was on my skin for hours after

Overall I give this product a 5/5, it is probably my favourite body conditioner and I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it


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