Lush Cocktails

I am always after some new ideas for Lush Cocktails to try out so I thought I’d share a few I’ve done and how they turned out ☺️

Pink Paradise



img_0034– Snow Fairy Shower Gel

– The Comforter Bubble Bar

– Pink Fun

This made a beautiful pink coloured bath, it had a lovely sweet scent but wasn’t the strongest smelling bath but definitely the most colourful and had a lot of bubbles!


Citrus Burst

– Brightside Bubble Barfullsizerender-1

– Sunnyside Bubble Bar

– Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream

– The Olive Branch Shower Gel

This concoction was the strongest scent of all of them, it was such a beautiful fruity Citrus/Orange. It didn’t make as much bubbles as I thought it would but turned the water an orange colour


Snow Fairy Extravaganza

– Snow Fairy Showeimg_2908r Gelimg_2911

– Candy Mountain
Bubble Bar

– Snow Fairy Fun

This was probably my favourite scent as I absolutely LOVE the snow fairy range! It turned the water a pink colour but this eventually faded. It created the most bubbles I have ever had in a bath and I only used a small amount of the bubble bar. This smell was BEAUTIFUL and if you are a fan of the Snow Fairy products I highly recommend. I finished off with the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and I could smell Snow Fairy for hours after!




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