Intergalactic Bath Bomb

imageLet me start by saying this is probably the most beautiful bath bomb to ever exist!

From first look you can already tell that this bath bomb is going to be colourful but what happens when it hits the water is just magical! It fizzes away instantly and starts unleashing a beautiful multicoloured trail behind it, the deep blue fills the bath almost instantly and the sparkles take over! The bath water looks like the galaxy with the dark blue and glitter everywhere

For me personally the smell wasn’t the strongest infact it was barely noticeable once in the bath (maybe I was just unlucky) but once you have a sniff the smell of peppermint is a lot stronger than the grapefruit but it still smells gorgeous!

The one thing I like about bath bombs is when you can still smell the scent on your skin once you’re out of the bath but unfortunately I couldn’t smell any 😔

Overall I would rate this a 4/5, the colours are beautiful but the glitter was a nightmare to clean up after but it is definitely worth trying just to watch the magic of it unfolding




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