The Comforter Body Conditioner

imageSo a lot of people have been asking me about this so I thought I’d do a little post

As soon as I saw this pop up in the kitchen I wanted it so bad but the price was just too much, luckily for me it was gifted to me by my fiancé and I can’t express how happy I was to receive it!

The tub is 450g so the largest pot that Lush sell and I’ve got to admit this will last me ages as its so big, is it worth the money? Yes!

The colour isn’t the same as the usual comforter items it’s not bright pink which for me was a little disappointing but none of the kitchen body conditioners were its usual colour

I find with some body conditioners they can leave you feeling rather greasy afterwards but this one didn’t, I felt so silky and soft after and felt so perfectly moisturised

The smell wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be considering the other comforter items are so strong of blackcurrant so this item would be perfect for those who like the comforter but don’t like how strong and overpowering it can be

After I used it I could still smell it on my skin, I found it to be very subtle (maybe because I had a full on comforter shower so couldn’t smell much anymore) but my partner could smell it quite strong on me which is a good thing

Overall I give this product a 5/5 I love this product, it’s not too strong or too greasy and left my skin feeling amazing 😊



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